Trump N’Zoth Control Warrior Dec 16

Trump N'Zoth Control Warrior Dec 16This is the Trump N’Zoth Control Warrior Dec 16. Alley Armorsmith and Don Han’Cho are in the list from the latest expansion – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Still a solid deck in the META and this list generates a lot of armor giving you the chance to force a win by fatigue if you have to.

Zetalot Gadgetzan Zoo N’Zoth Priest Legend Deck

Zetalot Gadgetzan Zoo N'Zoth Priest Legend DeckThis is an interesting Priest list and it’s the Zetalot Gadgetzan Zoo N’Zoth Priest list that he played into legend ranks.

It’s built much like a zoo list with lots of low-cost minions and cards to help value trade and win the board.

Good to see Herald Volazj in the list, this legendary hasn’t found a good place in a Priest deck before.

Effective, and fun list, and if you curve into Ragnaros then N’Zoth there aren’t many decks that take back the board and win with tempo.

Fibonacci Gadgetzan Legend N’Zoth Control Warrior

Fibonacci Gadgetzan Legend N'Zoth Control WarriorIf you want a strong N’Zoth Control Warrior list this is the Fibonacci Gadgetzan Legend N’Zoth Control Warrior list he played to legend this season. The only new card from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is Alley Armorsmith, but there has been quite a few card changes from last month’s lists to accommodate the META.

Thijs N’Zoth Shaman Deck w White Eyes Dec 16

Thijs N'Zoth Shaman Deck w White Eyes Dec 16I had some fun playing this Thijs N’Zoth Shaman Deck w White Eyes Dec 16. It’s a strong deck and using Ancestral Spirit on White Eyes is fun, I managed around 60% ratio, I feel like it needs a little more early game stability in this aggressive META.

Thijs did well with it, but he’s super-awesome compared to me 🙂 See how you get on.

Kolento N’Zoth Priest Deck Oct Season 31

Kolento N'Zoth Priest Deck Oct Season 31Looking for a strong N’Zoth Priest decklist? This is the Kolento N’Zoth Priest Deck Oct Season 31 he was playing on ladder, and climbing at a decent rate too. Priest still has some strong control lists, the C’Thun list is very good in the current META, as is this N’Zoth list.

This list plays out by controlling the board with the efficient removal tools it has. You heal faster than aggro decks can deal direct damage, and after cycling your deathrattle minions when you drop N’Zoth there are few decks that can win from that point.

The main counter is a Brawl from a Warrior or other N’Zoth decks. But getting to the point of dropping N’Zoth is going to lead to a win in most matches.

Fibonacci N’Zoth Control Warrior Season 30 Sept

Fibonacci N'Zoth Control Warrior Season 30 SeptThis is the latest Fibonacci N’Zoth Control Warrior Season 30 Sept. Control Warrior is in a strong position right now with all the midrange Shamans and aggro lists that can’t keep up with Tank Up.

Fibonacci has included Alexstraza in this list as an extra win condition. If you drop your opponent to 15 health you have a lot of ways to do that damage, especially after dropping N’Zoth.

Your deathrattle minions are:

  • Infested Tauren
  • Cairne Bloodhoof
  • Sylvanas Windrunner

It’s not the easiest deck to play, there are some tactics depending on your opponent but give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

Kolento Legendary N’Zoth Control Warrior Deck

Kolento Legendary N'Zoth Control WarriorThis is the Kolento Legendary N’Zoth Control Warrior Deck he’s been playing on ladder at high-legend rank. The Standard Format Control Warrior is missing some of those really powerful cards like Sludge Belcher that are now in Wild Format. But this still a strong list in the current META, even if Control Warrior is a lot less popular than it used to be.

This list seems a lot stronger than the lists running one Brawl and Yogg as a late game finisher. There is a lot of aggro on ladder at the moment, so mulligan for lots of early removal and be prepared to Brawl on turn 5.

Once you enter mid to late game and you’re tanking up there aren’t many decks that can keep pace with Control Warrior.

StrifeCro N’Zoth Hunter w Barnes Kindly Grandmother

This StrifeCro N’Zoth Hunter w Barnes Kindly Grandmother is a really StrifeCro N'Zoth Hunter w Barnes Kindly Grandmothergood early version of a Karazhan deck using both Barnes, and Kindly Grandmother.

StrifeCro is one of the best deckbuilders in Hearthstone. This deck has all the N’Zoth synergies you would expect, along with Barnes to try and hit on one of those deathrattle minions, and of course Kindly Grandmother.

Hunter is going to be a  lot stronger due to these new cards. Making it to the Call of the Wild turn has just got that little bit easier, and more annoying for opponents.