Old Gods Patron Warrior Deck

If you’re looking for an Old Gods Patron Warrior Deck list this is the most Old Gods Patron Warrior Deckeffective current build. Patron is still a very powerful build in both Standard and Wild formats.

The Harrison Jones tech is in response to the volume of Warriors in the current META, and if you put a Doomhammer in the museum you probably just won vs Shaman too.

Wild Pyromancer is awesome for both board clears vs aggro, and of course spamming those Patrons and enraging those Frothing Beserkers.

Don’t forget to draw those War Axes on turn one!

Sir Finley Mrrgglton choices:

vs most decks you’re looking for Hunter hero power.

vs aggro decks consider Mage or Druid hero power to control the board.

vs control decks consider Warlock hero power.

Evaluate your opponent and consider the best choice from what you’re offered. The Priest hero power has won me games before.  You will get a feel for what works and doesn’t work.

ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods META

This build is the ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods META list. Anyone who ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods METAplayed before the Old Gods release will be well aware of how strong, and fun, Handlock was. The old lists obviously relied on lowering your health and dropping those Molten Giants.

Molten Giants were nerfed and that’s no longer possible. But this list actually works in a different way, yet has those huge giant taunts. The new card Faceless Shambler is the MVP in this deck. It copies the stats of another friendly minion and adds taunt.

Tap early and get a Mountain Giant down. Faceless it, Shambler it, and get those taunts up. With almost no silence in the current META decks you can get away with some greedy plays and lock up the board.

Malygos Druid Deck Old Gods META

I’ve been playing this Malygos Druid Deck Old Gods METAMalygos Druid Deck Old Gods META a lot this season and I’ve had some great success. You need to look for ramp early and try to control the board with removal spells before looking for a good opportunity to drop Malygos and use Moonfire (6 damage) for zero mana and Living Roots (7 damage) for one mana.

I’m running at around a 60% win rate which is decent. There have been plenty of Yogg wins in there too, you can never count yourself out when you have a Yogg in your hand.

C’Thun Warlock Deck

This is the best C’Thun Warlock Deck I can find and put C'Thun Warlock Decktogether. There is a Reno version that is pretty good too, but this is just a stright up C’Thun deck.

I played around 30 games with it and had a slightly better than 50% win ratio, so it’s not a complete washout and is more than capable of holding its own in the META. The lifetap really helps out a lot when searching for C’Thun, a problem other decks without much card draw suffer with.

C’Thun Warrior with Doomsayer Tech

This is an interesting C’Thun Warrior with Doomsayer Tech build. I playedC'Thun Warrior with Doomsayer Tech a few games with it and it’s definitely a good tech choice. C’Thun Warrior struggles against aggro, and the Doomsayer is one of the best early game anti-aggro cards. Give it a go and see how you get on.

Senfglas Yogg Druid Top 10 Legend Deck

This is the Senfglas Yogg Druid Top 10 Legend Deck he Senfglas Yogg Druid Top 10 Legend Deckused to climb to top 10 on EU in the June 2016 season.

He pulled some insane Yogg combos out, while I can’t guarantee you will too – I can guarantee you’ll have some crazy fun and will probably end up doing pretty well.

If you don’t have Cenarius put in an extra Ancient of War. You should be able to make the rest of the deck and it’s important to have the rest of the cards so get crafting if you need any,