Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg Deck

Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg DeckThis is the Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg Deck he’s been playing on stream. It’s similar to the Thijs Warrior OTK deck, but I feel it’s a little more consistent by dropping Yogg.

Runic Egg looks like it’s going to be a decent card cycling option in OTK decks and other decks that need to look for combo pieces. This deck was popularized by the Neviilz list hitting rank 1 legend, it’s still a top tier deck but isn’t easy to play so don’t get frustrated by losing a lot at first if you’re new to the deck.

Mulligan Guide for OTK Warrior Decks

You want to start cycling as soon as possible so mulligan for Runic Egg, Wild Pyromancer, Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, and Blood to Ichor.

Forsen Karazhan Prophet Velen Burst Priest Deck

Forsen Karazhan Prophet Velen Burst Priest DeckThis is the Forsen Karazhan Prophet Velen Burst Priest Deck he plays on stream if you want to try it out. It’s a strong list, and it will take opponents by surprise, but it’s not META breaking.

This is more of a fun deck than a solid ladder deck. You can climb with it, and Forsen does. But you will find yourself saying how lucky your opponents are just like he does. 🙂

The main problem with Priest is that you give your opponents time, especially with the burst versions like this one. With so much aggro on the ladder it’s frustrating trying to set up a finishing combo. It’s fun though, give it a go.

Mulligan Guide for Prophet Velen Priest

Playing Mind Vision on turn one when you’re going first is fine. Otherwise look for early removal spells like Shadow Word: Pain, and Shadow Word: Death. Keep Barnes too, three of your four minions are Barnes targets.

Neviilz Ivory Knight Murloc OTK Deck

Neviilz is one of the best at designing fun, different, and strong decks. Neviilz Ivory Knight Murloc OTK DeckThis is the Neviilz Ivory Knight Murloc OTK Deck he put together and was playing on stream. It was performing very well and the new card Ivory Knight brings a little more utility to the existing Murloc Paladin deck.

Old Gods Aggro Shaman with Leeroy Jenkins

Looking for a Shaman deck with a lot of burst and a fun win condition? Old Gods Aggro Shaman with Leeroy JenkinsThis Old Gods Aggro Shaman with Leeroy Jenkins fits the bill. Leeroy is an obvious choice if you ask me, it’s not difficult to have a board with midrange shaman and using a buff on Leeroy is going to close out a game easily.

Neviilz OTK Worgen Warrior Deck

This is the Neviilz OTK Worgen Warrior Deck that is Neviilz OTK Worgen Warrior Decktaking the ladder by storm right now. I watched Neviilz taking this deck to rank 1 legend on stream. It’s no surprise that there are lots of people playing this deck on ladder now.

To play this deck you are cycling until you find your combo pieces. Look for as many of the following cards as possible:

Raging Worgen


Faceless Manipulator


Inner Rage

Then look to slam Emperor Thaurissan down and discount these cards.

I won’t do the math for you but take a look at all these cards and how much damage they add to the Worgen. You can do upwards of 60+ damage, so it’s certainly an OTK deck.


Neviilz Prophet Velen OTK Priest Deck

This is the Neviilz Prophet Velen OTK Priest Deck he used on stream to Neviilz Prophet Velen OTK Priest Deckclimb the ladder. I’ve played around with it myself now and it’s incredibly fun.

It can take a while to get all the combo pieces in-line, but once you do you just blast your opponent for load of burst damage.

Prophet Velen doubles the damage of your healing spells. So when you use Embrace the Shadow or Auchenai Soulpriest, you can start using your healing spells to do double damage.