Best Paladin Deck January 2017 Season 34

Best Paladin Deck January 2017 Season 34Paladin is in a bad place in the current META. There aren’t any Tier-one lists, it comes down to the Murloc Anyfin Lists and this Buff-Paladin style deck.

With a strong start and buffing a hand of minions this deck can do well. It’s a little slow for the META though, it’s frustrating playing Paladin right now.

Murloc Paladin Season 32 Nov 2016

Murloc Paladin Season 32 Nov 2016This is the best Murloc Paladin Season 32 Nov 2016 list. This deck is always on the fringe of being tier-1, and if you can become good at playing it you can put together a good win ratio.

The only real draw back the deck has is when you wiff hard on your draws. If you have your board clears when needed, the healing, and cycle your Murlocs early there are few decks that can stop the OTK form Anyfin Can Happen.

Sjow High Legend Karazhan Dragon Paladin Deck

Sjow High Legend Karazhan Dragon Paladin DeckI’ve been looking for a top legend performing Dragon Paladin list since all the new Dragon cards were released with the adventure One Night in Karazhan and found this Sjow High Legend Karazhan Dragon Paladin Deck he was playing on ladder at top 5 legend.

Book Wyrm is turning out to be a really good card. Removing minions with 3 or less attack as a battle cry is possible almost every game. Removing your opponents minions with a battlecry is one of the strongest tempo swings in Hearthstone so Book Wyrm’s have fast become a must include in Dragon builds.

Nightbane Templar is really good too as most discover minions are. You can pick a card to fill out your curve or counter your specific opponent.

Anyfin Murloc Paladin w Medivh the Guardian Deck

Anyfin Murloc Paladin w Medivh the Guardian DeckOne of the decks that was an obvious choice for Medivh, the Guardian was Murloc Paladin. 10 mana spells are few and far between, but you will be playing at least two in this deck and if you synergize them with Atiesh then you’re summoning a 10-cost minion.

This gives the deck an extra win condition. Previously you wouldn’t want to play Anyfin Can Happen if you hadn’t played enough Murlocs, now it’s going to be fine either way. 10-Cost minions and typically incredibly strong.

Trump Moroes Secret Paladin Deck

Trump Moroes Secret Paladin DeckThis is the Trump Moroes Secret Paladin Deck he was playing on stream. Brings back some memories of the old Secret Paladin decks, which you can still find in Wild if you miss them.

The deck uses 2 x Noble Sacrifice, 1 x Redemption, and 1 x Repentance. Winning depends a lot on the interactions of these secrets, here are some things to consider.

Noble Sacrifice – The 2/1 minion gets a divine shield buff if a Steward of Darkshire is on board.

Redemption – Pick your timing carefully for this. You don’t want to redemp a noble sacrifice.

Repentance – Don’t play this too early to try and gain some tempo or if you don’t have another play. Landing this on a huge late game minion is much more impactful.

Savjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin w Moroes

Aggro Paladin is very much alive, and this Savjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin wSavjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin w Moroes Moroes is a really fun and strong deck. It brings back the classic duo of Eydis Darkbane and Fjola Lightbane.

Aggro decks with loads of buffs and trading are always fun. This deck plays out a lot like a zoo deck, but instead of keeping the minions flowing you’re looking to keep the shield buffs flowing to keep your minions alive longer.


Superjj N’Zoth Anyfin Paladin Deck w Ivory Knight

Superjj N'Zoth Anyfin Paladin Deck w Ivory KnightThis is the Superjj N’Zoth Anyfin Paladin Deck w Ivory Knight he was playing on ladder. It has a lot of the same cards as the Trump Anyfin deck but adds N’Zoth as an extra win condition. N’Zoth is worth its cost in paladin just for a Tirion, anything else is a bonus.

You often need just one more turn for another Anyfin Can Happen bomb, so it makes sense to bring N’Zoth to the deck, I think it makes it stronger overall.

Trump Karazhan Anyfin Paladin Deck

Trump Karazhan Anyfin Paladin DeckThis is the latest Trump Karazhan Anyfin Paladin Deck he been playing on stream. A simple build with straight 2-of’s, Tirion, and Ragnaros, Lightlord.

Ivory Knight has brought a lot to the deck. Not only do you have two more cards that heal you up, you can pull another Anyfin Can Happen from the discover mechanic.

This is one of the tier one decks in my opinion. It has very few bad match-ups, it really is just drawing bad that causes the problems for this deck. You need your board clears when things get out of hand, and healing to stall out until you can cycle those Murlocs and drop the Anyfin Can Happen bombs.

AKAWonder N’Zoth Paladin w Barnes

Another Barnes deck, this time it’s AKAWonder N’Zoth Paladin w Barnes. AKAWonder N'Zoth Paladin w BarnesA slow control deck with a lot of synergy and ways to win games. The good thing about N’Zoth decks are the amount of deathrattle minions, giving your Barnes a higher chance of bringing a 1/1 minion with a deathrattle to the board.

You know you will get that Tirion on turn 4 at some point. Or, if you’re as unlucky as me you will see your opponents doing so on a regular basis!