apDrop Pirate Rogue Gadgetzan Deck

apDrop Pirate Rogue Gadgetzan DeckHaving fun with the new Pirate cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan? You don’t only have to play Pirate Warrior, this apDrop Pirate Rogue list was performing at around 80% win rate at rank 5 on ladder so it’s a legit list.

The weapon hero power synergizes perfectly with the pirates, and the combination of spell damage and taunts helps you to make some awesome tempo trades and hold the board.

apDrop Pirate Paladin Gadgetzan Deck

apDrop Pirate Paladin Gadgetzan DeckEnjoying the new pirate cards like Patches the Pirate and Small-Time Buccaneer? This apDrop Pirate Paladin Gadgetzan Deck shows how pirates can work in Paladin too!

It’s not a meme deck, this is a really strong deck, especially in the current META. The taunts help to block weapon damage and there is loads of offensive damage and buffs to outvalue your opponent.

Pirate Warrior Deck WOTOG

Pirate Warrior Deck WOTOGThis is the most consistent Pirate Warrior Deck WOTOG list that’s been refined for the current META. I hit a pretty sick win streak when picking this up at rank 10 and will probably play it to legend this season.

It’s an all-out aggro deck so you know what that means – face is the place.

Of course, don’t ignore favourable trades that make sense. But this is a much more aggro deck that a lot of the other face decks. You have some massage damage from your weapons that you need to connect with face before taunts go up. Leaving you to throw Mortal Strike’s over the top for the final damage.

It can be really frustrating meeting bad match ups like Druid’s that ramp, but stick with the deck. It has more favourable match ups than bad and you will make a steady climb.