Best Wild Decks January 17 Pirate Warrior

Best Wild Decks January 17 Pirate WarriorThere is no escaping the power of Pirate Warrior, and this includes the Wild Format. The deck is actually a little more fun in wild because you have – Ship’s Cannon.

Ship’s Cannon fires a random 2 damage cannon ball every time you play a pirate, and this includes when you summon Patches the Pirate.

So Ship’s Cannon + Pirate means 2 x 2 damage shots. This creates massive tempo swings if the hit minions early in the game.

You also have access to Death’s Bite in Wild. A turn earlier than Arcanite Reaper and a better weapon in my opinion. It’s a really strong deck and a sure bet to climb to legend in Wild.

Forsen Gadgetzan Pirate Warrior Deck

Forsen Gadgetzan Pirate Warrior DeckWant more Pirate Warrior decks to try out? This is the Forsen Gadgetzan Pirate Warrior Deck he was tearing up the ladder with. Pretty standard list, there are a few cards here and there that change and it’s a good idea to be a little bit unpredictable.

Grimestreet Pawnbroker is an interesting card here, the extra weapon charge can make a big difference.

But the mission is always the same – smash face.

Pirate Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016

Pirate Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016This is the best Pirate Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016 list. Pirate Warrior hasn’t changed much in recent months as there hasn’t been any new cards since One Night in Karazhan.

It’s one of the most aggressive, and fun decks in the game in my opinion. It’s incredibly frustrating when you don’t draw well, but that’s what you sign up for when you play all out aggro decks.

Mulligan for weapons and your 2-cost minions. Use your weapons to make favourable trades on board while going face with minions. It takes a little practice to start gauging when to go face, and when you can plan lethal for the following turns, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Sjow Pirate Warrior Deck Nov 16 Fast Ladder Climb

Sjow Pirate Warrior Deck Nov 16 Fast Ladder ClimbThis is the Sjow Pirate Warrior Deck Nov 16 he was using to climb the ladder fast at the beginning of the season.

I have a love-hate relationship with Pirate Warrior decks. I love playing them, but I hate drawing bad or losing to a taunt on the other side of the board.

Some people do really well with these lists but it is really draw-dependant. It seems like one miss-step and you can’t win to me. I still fire out a load of games with Pirates every season for the fun factor though. Give it a go and see how you get on.

Naiman Pirate Warrior Deck Oct Season 31

Naiman Pirate Warrior Deck Oct Season 31I’m a huge fan of Pirate Warrior decks. I think it’s the most fun hyper-aggo deck that’s still good enough to hang vs a few of the classes.

I thought I’d share this Naiman Pirate Warrior Deck Oct Season 31 he has been playing on stream and has a decent win rate with.

It’s similar to most of the Pirate Warrior lists that have been bouncing around. I think it’s only become a litter strong since the nerfs rolled out this week. Rockbiter and Execute were always good counters to your aggression so an extra mana tagged on might just give you that extra turn you need.

Pirate Warrior Deck WOTOG

Pirate Warrior Deck WOTOGThis is the most consistent Pirate Warrior Deck WOTOG list that’s been refined for the current META. I hit a pretty sick win streak when picking this up at rank 10 and will probably play it to legend this season.

It’s an all-out aggro deck so you know what that means – face is the place.

Of course, don’t ignore favourable trades that make sense. But this is a much more aggro deck that a lot of the other face decks. You have some massage damage from your weapons that you need to connect with face before taunts go up. Leaving you to throw Mortal Strike’s over the top for the final damage.

It can be really frustrating meeting bad match ups like Druid’s that ramp, but stick with the deck. It has more favourable match ups than bad and you will make a steady climb.