Forsen Gadgetzan Pirate Warrior Deck

Forsen Gadgetzan Pirate Warrior DeckWant more Pirate Warrior decks to try out? This is the Forsen Gadgetzan Pirate Warrior Deck he was tearing up the ladder with. Pretty standard list, there are a few cards here and there that change and it’s a good idea to be a little bit unpredictable.

Grimestreet Pawnbroker is an interesting card here, the extra weapon charge can make a big difference.

But the mission is always the same – smash face.

Thijs Gadgetzan Taunt Warrior Deck

‘If you build it, they will come.’

Thijs Gadgetzan Taunt Warrior DeckTaunt Warrior is an archetype that hasn’t really had all the cards to be a top-tier deck. Blizzard keep pushing new taunt synergy cards out though.

With the release of Gadgetzan we have Stolen Goods to buff taunts, and some beefy taunt minions like Public Defender and Alley Armorsmith.

This was a fun deck to watch Thijs playing. It’s pretty strong but is obviously a slow deck so those pesky Pirate Warriors can be a problem if they get a fast start.

Thijs Pirate Warrior Gadgetzan Deck w Patches

Thijs Pirate Warrior Gadgetzan Deck w PatchesPirate Warrior is running a mock over the ladder since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was released.

This is the Thijs Pirate Warrior Gadgetzan Deck w Patches. Patches the Pirate is really good value, you get card draw, charge, and thin your deck out a little on turn one almost every game.