Chakki Pirate Warrior Deck

How to Play This DeckChakki Pirate Warrior Deck

Pirates! This Chakki Pirate Warrior Deck is the deck he used in the Americas Primaries and some other tournament decks around this time in May 2016. There have been pirate decks in the past but they always fell short. Now, this isn’t a META breaking deck by any means. But it is very good.

There is loads of synergy to try and find with this deck, and that’s where it’s value and power comes from. Firstly, you’re looking for the Hunter hero power, or Druid as second best. This is an aggro deck so we are looking for that extra face damage!

Mulligan for N’Zoth’s First Mate to load up a weapon. Look to add Upgrade! and work into Bloodsail Cultist and other pirates. This is the dream roll of the draw, and it does happen quite often.

You have loads of burst damage to close out a game. Arcanite Reaper is 5 damage, Leeroy Jenkins is 6, you can easily close a game around turn 5-6. Look to make favourable trades early with your weapons and look for the moment to flip the switch and start going face when you can’t be out-raced.

Forsen Pirate Warrior OG Standard Deck

How to Play This DeckForsen Pirate Warrior OG Standard Deck

This is the Forsen Pirate Warrior OG Standard Deck he has been playing on stream in May 2016 with a decent amount of success.

There are a few differences to the pirate deck I played this season. Most notably the addition of Loot Hoarder and King’s Defender. With 7 weapons and two Upgrade! you’re going to be slinging weapons most turns.

It’s an aggressive deck. You will find yourself flipping from board control to face very early in the game. By the time you have an Arcanite Reaper in hand and are dropping Upgrade! on it you will almost certainly be hitting face or losing the game.

This deck is easily good enough to pilot you to legend, I’ve been using a similar deck at legend this month and had a lot of fun. Similar variations were also seen in the Americans Preliminaries. So, if you hit a losing streak don’t give up on the deck. You will struggle against a control heavy META, but that’s not the trend right now.