CosplayGrill Barnes Rogue w Questing Adventurer Deck

If you’ve never seen a CosplayGrill stream you’re missing out. He’s a CosplayGrill Barnes Rogue w Questing Adventurer Deckreally skilled player, and entertaining too. He streams under the name AsmodaiTV on Twitch.

This is the CosplayGrill Barnes Rogue w Questing Adventurer Deck he was playing on stream today and broke into the top 100 Legend.

This deck doesn’t use Malygos for the burst damage like the Sjow Miracle Rogue deck w Barnes. You’re looking for minions like Tomb Pillager or Bloodmage Thalnos for the extra cycle or coin for Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Or, a free Emperor Thaurissan is always going to be nice.

Questing Adventurer Rogue Deck

You may have heard about the Questing Adventurer Rogue lists going Questing Adventurer Rogue Deckaround. I’ve been waiting for a good consistent build, and this is it. This Questing Adventurer Rogue Deck has been taken to legend and has a lot of good matchups.

Miracle Rogue lists go through a lot of card cycle with the Gadgetzan Auctioneer. If you have a Questing Adventurer on the board it’s going to gain +1/+1 everytime you play a card. It’s almost guaranteed to give you some good value and large buffed Adventurer’s have been causing people some serious problems.

It’s a fun deck to play. Give it a go and see how you get on.