Neviilz Reno C’Thun Rogue Deck

This is the Neviilz Reno C’Thun Rogue Deck he was playing on stream to rack up some legend points. Reno decks are pretty frustrating to play with, and against in my opinion. This is much more fun that the Reno Warlock decks though. You can play for tempo a lot more and not rely on big board clears and come backs.

Neviilz Reno C'Thun Rogue Deck 1

Neviilz Reno C'Thun Rogue Deck 2

Neviilz Summoning Stone Old Gods Mage Deck

This is the Neviilz Summoning Stone Old Gods Mage Deck he’s used to Neviilz Summoning Stone Old Gods Mage Deckclimb on ladder.

Summoning Stone – ‘Whenever you cast a spell, summon a random minion of the same cost’.

The aim of this deck is to get the summoning stone on the board and start casting spells. The value you get from the random minions can be insane and will turn a game in your favor with a little RNG!

C’Thun Warrior Deck List Legend Rank

This C’Thun Warrior Deck List Legend Rank is the best build currently toC'Thun Warrior Deck List Legend Rank counter the META. It has enough early game to navigate through aggro decks, while control decks just can’t outlast this deck with all the armor synergy.

Elise Starseeker gives you a late game option to swap all your cards for legendaries after you have used C’Thun. In the mirror match, or against other C’Thun’s save Sylvannas for when they drop their C’Thun. This gives you the chance to steal theirs and causing them some serious problems.

Cheap Hunter Deck Standard 1000 Dust

How to Play This DeckCheap Hunter Deck Standard 1000 Dust

This Cheap Hunter Deck Standard 1000 Dust build is about as good as it gets for just 1000 dust. You can build this if you’re free to play, or new to the game after just a couple of weeks of doing quests and earning gold.

It’s not a Face Hunter, it actually has a lot of mid range Hunter cards and although it’s too cheap to have Savannah Highmane’s which are incredibly expensive, it’s a very effective and strong deck.

Hunter has a lot of powerful cards in the current META. Houndmaster your Carrion Grub or Stranglethorn Tiger and you have a solid taunt. Hunter’s Mark has always been an insane card, even since they moved it from 0 mana to 1 mana, it’s still great value.

Have fun with this deck if it’s all you can afford right now. You can easily break into rank 10 and above, and you’ll have some fun playing it I’m sure.

Face Hunter Aggro SMOrc Deck Old Gods Standard

How to Play This DeckFace Hunter Aggro SMOrc Deck Old Gods Standard

This Face Hunter Aggro SMOrc Deck Old Gods Standard build takes advantage of some of the new cards from The Old Gods and retains the classic Face Hunter cards we all know all too well.

It has a lower curve than the class pre-OG Face Hunter. But the extra 1 drops are well worth the slot as they act as good removal for threats to give you more turns to hit face. On the Hunt also populates you a 1/1 to use and distract the opponent so is worth the slot.

Look for classic combos such as Knife Juggler and Unleash the Hounds, or Eaglehorn Bow and Explosive Trap. Huge value tempo swings, and opportunities to hit the opponent’s face more.

Don’t get carried away and SMOrc when the board has favourable trades. You do need to think smart with this deck at some points!

Cheap Mage Deck C’Thun Standard

How to Play This DeckCheap Mage Deck C'Thun Standard

This is a Cheap Mage Deck C’Thun Standard build that is very effective for its cheap cost. C’Thun is a strong win condition, and seeing as you get some of the C’Thun cards for free it’s easy to get started with this deck if you’re a free to play hearthstone player.

It has a lot of value cards, like Acidic Swamp Ooze, which is great in this weapon heavy META. You have hard removal in the form of Polymorph, and some burn in the form of Fireball and Frostbolt.

Mulligan for Mana Wyrm and cheap removal. Then look to curve out with C’Thun buffing minions on your way to turn 10 when you want to be dropping C’Thun.

Cheap Priest Deck Standard Dragon

How to Play This DeckCheap Priest Deck Standard Dragon

This Cheap Priest Deck Standard Dragon Priest build isn’t going to rocket you up to legend, but if it’s all you can afford to build then it’s one of the best decks to make. Dragon Priest has some strong synergy cards that will shut down other cheap decks and give the edge at lower ranks as you start to climb.

Mulligan for your one and two drops and hold on to any dragon if you only have one in your hand. Using the dragon in hand to synergize and buff your other minions is incredibly important to get the most value.

Try and save Entomb for those large threats your opponent has. Resist trying to use it for a little tempo or to deal with a smaller minion that’s hard to remove. You will regret it when you see a Ragnaros drop, or a Gromish.

Cheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard

How to Play This DeckCheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard

This Cheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard is perfect for new players or the free to play Hearthstone community. Zoo is the best kind of deck for cheap builds and maintaining a good win ratio as you add better cards from building up gold.

The first few turns are very important with zoo. You’re looking to flood the board and either play around AOE, hope your opponent doesn’t have AOE, or have some deathrattle minions survive AOE and carry on hitting face afterwards.

You have to trade a lot with zoo because of the threat of AOE. You want at least a neutral board state if there is a board clear, so you can start flooding the board faster than your opponent again.

Everyfin is Awesome Shaman Murloc Deck Old Gods

How to Play This DeckEveryfin is Awesome Shaman Murloc Deck Old Gods

This is one of the more interesting decks I’ve played recently and I’ve had some decent success with it. Check out this Everyfin is Awesome Shaman Murloc Deck Old Gods build. If you have never used Everyfin is Awesome you’re not alone, it’s been an overlooked card since it came out with The Grand Tournament.

I took the staple of a typical Shaman deck and changed a few things to fit the build. I added some murlocs:

Murloc Tidecaller

Sir Finley Mrrgglton

Bilefin Tidehunter

Bluegill Warrior

Murloc Warleader

These are more than enough activators to reduce the cost of Everyfin is Awesome. I usually play the card for 4 or 5 mana, which for a plus 2/2 to all units is worth the cost in my opinion. It’s also worth the shock, because no one is expecting it.