Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg Deck

Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg DeckThis is the Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg Deck he’s been playing on stream. It’s similar to the Thijs Warrior OTK deck, but I feel it’s a little more consistent by dropping Yogg.

Runic Egg looks like it’s going to be a decent card cycling option in OTK decks and other decks that need to look for combo pieces. This deck was popularized by the Neviilz list hitting rank 1 legend, it’s still a top tier deck but isn’t easy to play so don’t get frustrated by losing a lot at first if you’re new to the deck.

Mulligan Guide for OTK Warrior Decks

You want to start cycling as soon as possible so mulligan for Runic Egg, Wild Pyromancer, Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, and Blood to Ichor.

J4CKIECHAN Karazhan Beast Druid w King Mukla

J4CKIECHAN Karazhan Beast Druid w King MuklaThis is the J4CKIECHAN Karazhan Beast Druid w King Mukla he built and was climbing ladder with. If you have King Mukla and to put him to use this is one of the decks he works well in.

There have been a few Beast Druid lists since the new card Menagerie Warden came out and I’m still looking for a list I really like. Kolento’s Beast Druid feels a little more value orientated than this one, but I tend to empty my hand too quick without having the burst to win.

I think Beast Druid still needs to be refined, but this deck is pretty good and a load of fun to give it a go and see how you get on. If you make any changes that strengthens it let me know!

Thijs Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deck

Thijs Karazhan Evolve Shaman DeckI’ve been having a lot of fun with this deck myself, this is the Thijs Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deck he was playing on stream. This is a fun deck, and the best thing is there are loads of different card choices you can add or remove.

I shared Kolento’s Evolve Shaman, as well as Neviilz’ Evolve Shaman, and as you can see there are quite a few differences, but the gameplan stays the same – build a board and Evolve it for a huge value increase and swing turn.

This list doesn’t include any Doomhammers, instead choosing to allow you to drop more minions to get bigger Evovle turns. You’re going to win most games with Bloodlust, so keep that hero power pumping too to populate the board as much as possible.

Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter Deck

Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter DeckThe Secret Hunter decks continue to be refined by streamers and pro players. This is the Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter Deck he was playing on ladder and having some decent success with.

Secret Hunter decks are fun, playing a load of secrets for 0 mana and seeing your opponent trying to play around when they think they are is fun. This was just before the release of Cat Trick, so expect to see lists with this new card in coming soon.

Mulligan Guide for Secret Hunter Decks

As tempting as it is, never keep secrets or the Cloaked Huntress in your opening hand. Curve out as strong as possible with Fiery Bat, Secret Keeper, Kindly Grandmother, and wait for Cloaked Huntress and the secrets to be drawn.

Thijs Barnes Malygos Rogue Deck

Thijs Barnes Malygos Rogue DeckMalygos Rogue has always been a deck on the fringe of top tier play. With the addition of Barnes it’s strengthened up a little, you have some extra early tempo potential and of course the chance for a 1/1 Malygos as early as turn 4.

Something I see some people overlooking is Shadow Strike. Don’t forget that this card can go face if you’re opponent is at full health. With Malygos on board you’re looking at the following burst damage:

Shadow Strike – 10 damage

Sinister Strike – 8 damage

Eviscerate – 9 damage


Loyan Totemic Might Totem Shaman Deck w Wicked Witchdoctor

Loyan Totemic Might Totem Shaman Deck w Wicked WitchdoctorThis is the Loyan Totemic Might Totem Shaman Deck w Wicked Witchdoctor he’s been playing on stream to very high legend rank.

A new Shaman archetype is being built around the new card Wicked Witchdoctor, released in the second week of One Night in Karazhan.

With all the spells in the deck this is a list that can snowball and fill the board quickly. With a Wicked Witchdoctor + Primal Fusion + Totemic Might, for 5 mana you have a 3/4 + 2 totems with a health buff.

With a big board comes a big finish. Bloodlust is one of the most devistating game-ending cards

General Mulligan Guide for Totemic Shaman

Don’t keep Wicked Witchdoctor unless you’re on the coin, and you think your opponent is not going to be too aggressive. You want to start off like an aggro Shaman, with Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Flametongue Totem, and Rockbiter Weapon.

Sjow Malygos Barnes Druid Deck

Malygos Druid with Barnes is one of the most popular decks to come out Sjow Malygos Barnes Druid Deckof the second wing of Karazhan so far. It’s early in the META and there is a lot to still be tested, but being a Druid deck it’s sure to hang around. Being able to Innervate and ramp to cheat mana means anything is possible.

The damage potential with Malygos on the board is pretty crazy. Ignoring what you may have drawn fro Raven Idol, you have Living Roots (7 damage), Moonfire (6 damage), Swipe (9 + 6 damage), Wrath (8 or 6 damage to minions).

Loads of burst damge, card draw, ramp, Arcane Gaints, how can you lose? 🙂

Savjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin w Moroes

Aggro Paladin is very much alive, and this Savjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin wSavjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin w Moroes Moroes is a really fun and strong deck. It brings back the classic duo of Eydis Darkbane and Fjola Lightbane.

Aggro decks with loads of buffs and trading are always fun. This deck plays out a lot like a zoo deck, but instead of keeping the minions flowing you’re looking to keep the shield buffs flowing to keep your minions alive longer.


Superjj N’Zoth Anyfin Paladin Deck w Ivory Knight

Superjj N'Zoth Anyfin Paladin Deck w Ivory KnightThis is the Superjj N’Zoth Anyfin Paladin Deck w Ivory Knight he was playing on ladder. It has a lot of the same cards as the Trump Anyfin deck but adds N’Zoth as an extra win condition. N’Zoth is worth its cost in paladin just for a Tirion, anything else is a bonus.

You often need just one more turn for another Anyfin Can Happen bomb, so it makes sense to bring N’Zoth to the deck, I think it makes it stronger overall.