Forsen Legend Beast Druid Deck Nov 16

Forsen Legend Beast Druid Deck Nov 16This is the Forsen Legend Beast Druid Deck Nov 16 he was playing on stream. It has a few different tech choices than the usual Beast Druid lists and was working really well for him.

Plenty of healing and AOE damage to counter all those Shamans, and Harrison Jones is awesome in the current META. Strong list, well worth a try.

Malygos Rogue Season 32 Nov 2016

Malygos Rogue Season 32 Nov 2016If you want to play the best Rogue list on ladder this month then check out this Malygos Rogue Season 32 Nov 2016.

Malygos is more popular than Miracle Rogue lists at the moment as the OTK potential is effective against all the aggro decks on ladder that do not heal much.

Play out this list by using removal to keep your opponents minions off the board while trying to have your minions stick. Cycle your deck and work towards Malygos + damage!

Midrange Shaman Season 32 Nov 2016

Midrange Shaman Season 32 Nov 2016Shaman is the strongest class in the current META, and love it or hate it, this is the best Midrange Shaman Season 32 Nov 2016 list.

There are a few card tech choices you can change around. Barnes and Ragnaros instead of Bloodlust and a Fire Elemental is the other popular list. But because off a lot of other aggressive lists on ladder I prefer this list that curves out a little lower and is more reliable.

Shaman has been a problem for a while and I don’t see it changing any time soon. Cards like Spirit Claws, Thing from Below, and Maelstrom Portal are incredibly strong.

Murloc Paladin Season 32 Nov 2016

Murloc Paladin Season 32 Nov 2016This is the best Murloc Paladin Season 32 Nov 2016 list. This deck is always on the fringe of being tier-1, and if you can become good at playing it you can put together a good win ratio.

The only real draw back the deck has is when you wiff hard on your draws. If you have your board clears when needed, the healing, and cycle your Murlocs early there are few decks that can stop the OTK form Anyfin Can Happen.

Pirate Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016

Pirate Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016This is the best Pirate Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016 list. Pirate Warrior hasn’t changed much in recent months as there hasn’t been any new cards since One Night in Karazhan.

It’s one of the most aggressive, and fun decks in the game in my opinion. It’s incredibly frustrating when you don’t draw well, but that’s what you sign up for when you play all out aggro decks.

Mulligan for weapons and your 2-cost minions. Use your weapons to make favourable trades on board while going face with minions. It takes a little practice to start gauging when to go face, and when you can plan lethal for the following turns, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Purple Coldlight Combo Mill Warrior Deck Nov 16

Purple Coldlight Combo Mill Warrior Deck Nov 16This is the Purple Coldlight Combo Mill Warrior Deck Nov 16 he was playing in the top 10 legend early on in the season.

It’s an interesting deck that has several win conditions. But the main combo in the deck uses fatigue to kill your opponent.

When you use Brann Bronzebeard + Coldlight Oracle you and your opponent draws 4 cards. If you use both Coldlight Oracles that’s 8 cards each. If you enter fatigue as you pull all these cards that’s more than 60 damage!

So how do you not die at the same time? Violet Illusionist. You’re immune to all damage while you have this card in play. So, you can use this minion on board while clearing up minions with Fool’s Bane, and if you need to be immune while drawing you can play her out.

This is why Emperor Thaurissan is in the deck. Ideally you want to get an activation on all of these key cards to make this combo easier to play. Don’t be afraid to use it just to burn some of your opponents cards during the game too if they are holding a big hand.

Violet Illusionist Hearthstone Card One Night in Karazhan

Secret Hunter Season 32 Nov 2016

Secret Hunter Season 32 Nov 2016Secret Hunter is hot right now. This is the best secret Hunter deck season 32, November 2016. Of course, you can change around secrets and try out some different combinations, that’s the fun of the deck and it’ll keep opponents confused. This is the list played by Thijs last month and it’s similar to the lists taken to the Blizzcon World Championships and has a good balance of minions/spells/secrets.

Tempo Mage Season 32 Nov 2016

Tempo Mage Season 32 Nov 2016There are loads of Tempo Mage decks on ladder right now, I think this is the best Tempo Mage Season 32, Nov 2016, but there are a few cards you can switch out if you want to experiment.

If you’re not feeling lucky then swap Barnes for a Water Elemental.

Mulligan for your Mana Wyrms and cheap removal spells. Cycle as efficiently as possible to dig through your deck and build up those big Flamewaker turns, that’s where the fun is. 🙂

Control Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016

Control Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016Control Warrior is still one of the strongest decks in the current META. This is the best list for November 2016, season 32. It was a list I saw several players taking to legend last season, and there hasn’t been any significant changes to the META this season.

Yogg-Saron is a bit controversial, but I still have decent success with the card. Certainly more good Yogg’s than bad Yogg’s. Harrison Jones is a must keep tech choice for taking Spirit Claws off Shamans, as is Baron Geddon.

Discardlock Zoolock Season 32 Nov 2016

Discardlock Zoolock Season 32 Nov 2016Discardlock, Zoolock, Zoo Warlock, whatever you want to call the deck, this latest Warlock build with the Karazhan discard mechanics is the strongest Warlock list right now, Season 32, November 2016.

A few players brought this, or a very similar list to Blizzcon this year and it performed well. It has burst, card draw, taunts, sticky minions, a bit of everything. You can steal a win vs any deck, that’s what makes this list to effective. It’s also an easy deck to play, and the games are quick, so it’s a great ladder climbing deck.

Mulligan for plenty of 1-drops, you’re almost always going to curve out strong. Then just manage your draw and discards and always trade unless you’re facing down lethal in 1-2 turns.