Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yogg

This is the Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yogg that was first put together Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yoggby Hotform as far as I know. I’ve been using it on ladder this month and so far have a 24 – 14 record, which is 71%. Not bad as I climb the top 5 ranks to legend.

The problem is that it’s bad matchups are Warrior and Warlock. Two of the most popular decks on ladder. So, while it’s not the best META choice right now, it’s a fun deck and competitive vs all other classes.

There is always that win condition is Yogg Saron to fall back on. I have a slightly positive win ratio vs Warrior due to Yogg. It’s a spell-heavy deck so you will almost always cast Yogg with more than 10 spells having been used which seems to be the sweet spot.

Forsen OG Tempo Mage Standard Deck May 2016

How to Play This DeckForsen OG Tempo Mage Standard Deck May 2016

I love hanging out in Forsen’s Twitch channel and LUL’ing at the chat while he plays some Hearthstone. This is the Forsen OG Tempo Mage Standard Deck May 2016 I watched him playing on stream.

Personally, I don’t like Yogg-Saron, played a lot with this card and it let me down more than it helped. I swap him out for Ragnaros which seems to work better for me. It’s certainly one of the most fun cards in the game though!

Tempo mage is about capturing that early tempo, as the name suggests. Mulligan hard for those Mana Wyrm‘s, Mirror Image vs aggro decks, and cheap spells along with a Sorcerer’s Apprentice. If you are playing on the coin and can get a double Mana Wyrm into Sorcerer’s Apprentice and some cheap spells, there are few decks that can push you off the board.

Be aware of board clears and AOE spells. Don’t overcommit and you will do fine vs almost any deck with a good start. Control and grinding decks will outlast you and the lack of taunts in the deck is an issue to aggro if you don’t draw well. Overall, I would say Tempo Mage is a solid Tier Two deck.