Rosty Legend Tempo Warrior Dec 16

Rosty Legend Tempo Warrior Dec 16It’s a good time to dust off the Tempo Warrior deck lists with the META still being aggro-lead. Tempo Warrior was really popular a few months ago due to its ability to survive the early turns vs aggro and stabilize late game with armor gain and huge late game minions like Ysera, Ragnaros, and Varian Wrynn.

Rosty was playing this list at high legend and it’s a good time to play it to counter all those pirate decks.

Trump Protect the King Warrior Deck

The first wing of the new adventure – One Night in Karazhan has barely Trump Protect the King Warrior Deckbeen out an hour or two and the deck testing has started. This is Trump Protect the King Warrior Deck he’s using to climb the ladder with and early signs are that it’s a strong deck.

There will be some changes to come I’m sure. But as a shell of a taunt warrior deck this is a good list to start with. There are some good taunt synergies and it’s going to be a good list to shut down aggro decks.

Malkorok Warrior Deck for Tempo

If you’re looking for a Malkorok Warrior Deck for Tempo play style then Malkorok Warrior Deck for Tempothis deck list is what you want to use. Varian Wrynn is a staple in tempo Warrior decks and gives you a strong late game win condition.

Malkorok has become common place in warrior decks. The value you get from the weapon (can be) insane. Check this post for the chance to get each weapon from Malkorok. As well as this one for the risk of equipping the Cursed Blade.

Chinese Tempo Warrior Deck

Chinese Tempo Warrior DeckThe META is different over on the ASIA server where the Chinese players play. This is the Chinese Tempo Warrior Deck that is being played on ladder there this season. It’s not too different to the standard Tempo Warrior builds you see on the NA and European servers, with Arch-Thief Rafaam being the main difference.

Using the Chinese decks on NA and European servers often brings an element of surprise to opponents and you can win some games because they are playing around other cards and not expecting certain cards.

Give this deck a try, it’s a decent deck and you can ladder up with it no problems.