Thjis Moonglade Portal Yogg Token Druid Deck Sep 16

thjis moonglade portal yogg token druid deck sep 16I’ve been looking for a way to fit 2 x Moonglade Portals into my Yogg Druid deck, and this Thjis Moonglade Portal Yogg Token Druid Deck Sep 16 does exactly that, and it’s better than the list I made.

Depending on what cards you run, the Moonglade Portals are in the deck in place of 1 x Nourish, and 1 x Mire Keeper.

There are some pretty decent 6 drops, Emperor Thaurissan, Sylvannas, Cairne, all excellent results. If you get a Corrupted Seer however you’re not so happy. But that’s RNG for you, and you’re still getting 6 points of heal anyway.

Using this to heal big taunts is awesome vs aggro decks. I find myself healing minions more often than my hero to keep the board. Druid is in a good place right now, this deck is really strong and good for laddering up.

Wild Format Token Druid with Boom

This is one of the strongest Wild Format Token Druid with Boom. You Wild Format Token Druid with Boomshouldn’t be entering Wild without Dr Boom, so it’s an easy choice when filling out the 7 slot.

I’ve climbed from 15 to 4 with this deck pretty quickly and will probably use it all the way to legend in Wild this season. There aren’t a lot of matches you cannot win. Really aggressive decks can rush you down, but that can be said about most decks.

You always have Raven Idols and Yogg to turn games around. It’s a fun and versatile deck, and different to all those N’Zoth and Secret Paladin decks that are so popular in Wild. Give it a go and see how you get on.

J4CKIECHAN Wild Format Egg Druid Deck

This is the J4CKIECHAN Wild Format Egg Druid Deck that he was using to J4CKIECHAN Wild Format Egg Druid Deckclimb the Wild Ladder while he sat on rank 1 Legend on the Standard ladder.

J4CKIECHAN is known for building effective egg Druid lists before a lot of the cards were cycled out with the introduction of the Standard Format. Well, all those cards are in Wild format and it’s pretty fun playing around and laddering up in this game mode.

The Wild META can be hard to figure out. This deck was performing really well and will certainly give you a boost up the ladder quickly.

RDU Token Druid with Onyxia

RDU Token Druid with OnyxiaThis is the RDU Token Druid with Onyxia list he was playing on stream. It’s a variation on the extremely popular Token Druid lists that are all over ladder right now.

Onyxia is a powerful finisher and a card that synergizes with several other spells in the deck. It’s being included instead of Yogg-Saron as it’s a lot more reliable.

If you don’t have Onyxia just put Yogg-Saron in. If you really don’t like the card you can run Ragnaros instead as a strong late-game card.