Stancifka Jade Druid w Yogg and Mulch Deck

Stancifka Jade Druid w Yogg and Mulch DeckWith all the new cards released in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion and the nerf just before, I feel like Yogg is a little too forgotten.

It’s still a crazy card that can win you any game from any position (or lose you any game haha).

Seeing Stancifka play this list at high legend is a reminder that Yogg still has a place in the META. I’ve been playing a lot of Tempo Mage with Yogg and it feels like Yogg has been buffed to be honest.

Look at it this way – there are now a load of new spells for Yogg to randomly cast, more good ones than new board clears – so that’s a buff.

Let the fun begin, Jade Golem Druid lacks a little consistancy,¬†and it’s really difficult to pull from behind. Let the Yogg roll decide if you deserve a second chance at winning. ūüôā

Rosty Rank 1 Legend Control Warrior w Yogg Oct 16

Rosty Rank 1 Legend Control Warrior w Yogg Oct 16This is the¬†Rosty Rank 1 Legend Control Warrior w Yogg Oct 16 he was playing on stream. It’s no surprise to see a Warrior deck hitting the highest rank, but this list is a little different. The Harrison Jones tech is needed right now to deal with all the Shamans and their Spirit Claws.

Baron Geddon is also a great anti-shaman tech. The 2 damage clears all those 2-health totems. And, let’s be honest, the Yogg Nerf wasn’t exactly the kind of nerf everyone was hoping for. Yogg is still considered a form of removal if the board gets out of control. The more enemy minions on the board the higher chance you will get some value from this card.

Thjis Moonglade Portal Yogg Token Druid Deck Sep 16

thjis moonglade portal yogg token druid deck sep 16I’ve been looking for a way to fit 2 x Moonglade Portals into my Yogg Druid deck, and this¬†Thjis Moonglade Portal Yogg Token Druid Deck Sep 16 does exactly that, and it’s better than the list I made.

Depending on what cards you run, the Moonglade Portals are in the deck in place of 1 x Nourish, and 1 x Mire Keeper.

There are some pretty decent 6 drops, Emperor Thaurissan, Sylvannas, Cairne, all excellent results. If you get a Corrupted Seer however you’re not so happy. But that’s RNG for you, and you’re still getting 6 points of heal anyway.

Using this to heal big taunts is awesome vs aggro decks. I find myself healing minions more often than my hero to keep the board. Druid is in a good place right now, this deck is really strong and good for laddering up.

Medivh the Guardian Yogg Priest Deck

Here is a solid¬†Medivh the Guardian Yogg Priest Deck. I played a few Medivh the Guardian Yogg Priest Deckgames with this deck and it’s really strong, there is loads of synergy to out value opponents, it has the control¬†tools to beat down aggro, and of course you can always Yogg for the random win condition.

Medivh, the Guardian is good in the slower control decks, and Priest is one of the strongest classes for control. I didn’t include any higher mana cost spells than 6 mana because they are not really needed. You’re going to have control of the board and one massive minion isn’t what Priest needs to overwhelm an opponent.

Thijs OTK Karazhan Runic Egg Warrior w Yogg

Thijs OTK Karazhan Runic Egg Warrior w YoggThis is the Thijs OTK Karazhan Runic Egg Warrior w Yogg¬†deck list. I didn’t see Runic Egg being played in this deck when it was released¬†but looks like it’s a perfect¬†fit.

Card draw is key to pulling all your combo pieces in OTK decks, so throwing the Runic Egg’s out for 1 mana and then cycling them with the whirlwind effects is sweet synergy.

You can use Runic Egg instead of Loot Hoarders if you have ways of damaging them. They cost one less mana which is a big deal, and if you don’t kill them your opponent likely will anyway.

Forsen Malygos Yogg Shaman Karazhan Deck

Forsen Malygos Yogg Shaman Karazhan DeckThis is the current Forsen Malygos Yogg Shaman Karazhan Deck list. Malygos lists are fun and the burst damage can end any game quickly.

This deck has a lot of board clears and card draw to stall and cycle you closer to your combo pieces. It’s hard to play at first, you need to manage your overload carefully and sometimes take some extra damage to avoid overloading so you can’t do what you want the next turn.

It’s a strong deck, and Hex is really good in this META as it deals with C’Thun, Tirion, and some other minions that can be reused by opponents.

Mulligan Guide for Malygos Shaman Decks

If you’re facing aggro keep Maelstorm Portal. Always look for Far Sight and Rockbiter, and keep Feral Spirits if you have the coin.

Forsen Arcane Giant Karazhan Yogg Rogue Deck

Forsen Arcane Giant Karazhan Yogg Rogue DeckI know there are a lot of Forsen fans out there and he does play some interesting decks. This is the¬†Forsen Arcane Giant Karazhan Yogg Rogue Deck he’s been playing on ladder.

It takes advantege of the new Arcane Giant’s that are usually able to be played for around 0 mana, as well as the Miracle Rogue¬†mechanic to cycle through your deck for what you want.

CosplayGrill Karazhan Malygos Druid Deck

CosplayGrill Karazhan Malygos Druid DeckThis is the CosplayGrill Karazhan Malygos Druid Deck he’s been playing on stream the last few days. Credit needs to go out to Fr0zen for coming up with the list I think, or at least playing it before Cosplaygrill.

It’s much less greedy than some of the other versions going around with Barnes and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. You can play on almost on curve and overwhelm a lot of opponents that way instead of trying to combo and cycle your way to a big finish.

I think this is a much more refined list,try switching up whatever list you’re playing and see how you get on.

Mulligan Guide for Malygos Druid

As always with Druid you want that early ramp vs most opponents. Vs Zoolock and other hyper-aggressive decks keep as much removal as you can to push the game into the later rounds.

Don’t hold on to the Moonfire if you’re under stress on the board. This deck has a lot of win conditions and you won’t win by using Malygos + Moonfire’s that often anyway.

Hoej Yogg and Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound Ramp Druid Deck

This is the¬†Hoej Yogg and Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound Ramp Druid Deck he Hoej Yogg and Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Ramp Druid Deckwas playing on stream, and a lot of other Pro’s have been quick to pick it up and play around with it.

Ramp Druid has always been an archetype that’s worked in different META’s, generally the slower META’s. It’s not a particularly¬†slow META right now but the addition of newer cards like Feral Rage and Raven Idol, along with Fandral Staghelm has made it quicker to ramp up and easier to add additional health.

The goal here is to get Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound on the board and let him start pulling big minions out of your deck for you. The sheer value cannot be matched by your opponent, and without specific cards they just will not be able to deal with the pressure.

Mulligan Strategy for Ramp Druid

As the name of the deck suggests, you need to go all in for those ramp cards. Wild Growth, Innervate, and Mire Keepers will get you ahead of the curve and ramp you up to drop those fatties.

Thijs Giants Yogg Portal Legendary Mage Deck

Some of the best and highest skilled Hearthstone games are streamed by Thijs Giants Yogg Portal Legendary Mage DeckThijs during the day. He tends to play a different deck or two each day and this is the Thijs Giants Yogg Portal Legendary Mage Deck he was playing recently.

There have been a few Tempo Mage builds with the new Arcane Giants but I like this list best so far. It slows the game down a bit and gives you time to lower the cost of the giants and control the board.