Savjz OTK Warrior with Yogg Saron

This is the Savjz OTK Warrior with Yogg Saron deck he Savjz OTK Warrior with Yogg Saronwas playing on stream. The Warrior OTK deck has taken the META by storm. It often backfires though if you don’t draw well and can’t cycle into your combo pieces quick enough vs decks that can inflict damage.

This is where the Yogg Saron tech really makes the difference. You know have another win condition. Use Yogg as a backup though, don’t rely on it to win you the game.

It’s widly believed however that if you have cast more than 10 spells Yogg we see you good. Statistically speaking this is true, so use Yogg after you have cast 10 spells if the game looks like it’s slipping away from you.

Give it a go and see what you think, I think it makes the deck a lot more well-rounded. Which is a strange thing to say when Yogg is involved, but it’s going to give you a chance to win those games you wouldn’t have otherwise won.

Savjz N’Zoth Yogg Shaman Deck

This is the Savjz N’Zoth Yogg Shaman Deck he was playing on stream. It’s Savjz N'Zoth Yogg Shaman Decka control Shaman deck, Shaman has become a powerhouse for control archetypes since the addition of Hallazeal the Ascended. Combo this legendary with Elemental Destruction and you can usually full heal.

There are some value cards in this deck, check you have:

Cairne Bloodhoof

Sylvanas Windrunner


Ragnaros the Firelord


and of course:

N’Zoth the Corruptor

Yogg-Saron Hope’s End

Forsen Token Druid with Cenarius and Yogg Saron Deck

How to Play This DeckForsen Token Druid with Cenarius and Yogg Saron Deck

Who said token druid was left behind when Whispers of the Old Gods came out? There are actually a few different deck lists I’ve used, and this one from Forsen is pretty consistent actually. This is the Forsen Token Druid with Cenarius and Yogg Saron Deck deck list.

Mulligan for Innervate, Living Roots, and Raven Idol to get off to a strong start. Cycle through as many spells as possible before dropping Yogg-Saron, then it’s in the hands of the gods!