Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock w Y’Shaarj Oct 16

Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock w Y'ShaarjThis is the Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock w Y’Shaarj he’s been playing on stream this season. (season 31, oct 16).

Renounce Darkness is a fun card and there have been some interesting decks that have used this card. This is actually one of the stronger lists, Y’Shaarj is a fun card also, and played with Barnes there is a good chance you will be able to pull it out early.

This combo of Barnes into Y’Shaarj is one of the strongest combos in the game and has been used in Hunter a lot. After flipping all your Warlock cards and getting some discounted cards there are some crazy things that can happen!

Hotform Top 10 Legend Y’Shaarj Curator Druid Deck

Hotform Top 10 Legend Y'Shaarj Curator Druid DeckThis is an interesting deck I was watching Hotform play inside the top 10 legend on NA this week. It’s a Y’Shaarj, Curator Druid Deck.

Control decks are doing really well since the nerfs on a few of the aggro cards. There isn’t so much threat in the first few turns and once you stabilize if you’re playing control you’re going to pull away from those annoying aggro decks.

There is loads of synergy and strong combinations in this deck. A Fandral, Ragnaros or Y’Shaarj from Banes is pretty insane. Arcane Giants for 0 mana, Stampeding Kodo’s, it’s a fun deck!

I’ve played a few games with it and it seems to do well vs Shamans, but it pretty horrible vs Hunter’s which seem to be popular right now. See how you get on.

Hoej Yogg and Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound Ramp Druid Deck

This is the Hoej Yogg and Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound Ramp Druid Deck he Hoej Yogg and Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Ramp Druid Deckwas playing on stream, and a lot of other Pro’s have been quick to pick it up and play around with it.

Ramp Druid has always been an archetype that’s worked in different META’s, generally the slower META’s. It’s not a particularly slow META right now but the addition of newer cards like Feral Rage and Raven Idol, along with Fandral Staghelm has made it quicker to ramp up and easier to add additional health.

The goal here is to get Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound on the board and let him start pulling big minions out of your deck for you. The sheer value cannot be matched by your opponent, and without specific cards they just will not be able to deal with the pressure.

Mulligan Strategy for Ramp Druid

As the name of the deck suggests, you need to go all in for those ramp cards. Wild Growth, Innervate, and Mire Keepers will get you ahead of the curve and ramp you up to drop those fatties.

Thijs Y’Shaarj Barnes Druid Deck

Thijs Y'Shaarj Barnes Druid DeckThis is the Thijs Y’Shaarj Barnes Druid Deck he was playing on stream. Y’Shaarj is another Druid archetype that is being heavily tested at the moment and it is looking really strong.

You have all the usual ramp and staple Druid cards, along with Y’Shaarj, Barnes, and some big taunts. The dream is to get an early 1/1 Y’Shaarj from Barnes and start pulling out the big minions.

It felt a little clunky when I played it, but there are so many possible win conditions when you start pulling out huge minions for free that you always have a chance to win.

General Mulligan Strategy for Y’Shaarj Druid

Ramp is super important with this deck. Hard mulligan for ramp, and keep a Raven Idol if you have one but no ramp in your opening hand – you can always try and find some ramp.

Wrath and Swipe are fine vs aggro decks like Zoolock, it’s really hard to stay alive to pull off any combos in the late game vs aggressive decks.

Cross your fingers when you play Barnes, it can work out really well if you get a Ragnaros, Ariana, Ysera, or even a Fandral.

Druid Deck with 3 Old Gods Y’Shaarj Yogg N’Zoth

This Druid Deck with 3 Old Gods Y’Shaarj Yogg N’Zoth is a greedy deck Druid Deck with 3 Old Gods Y'Shaarj Yogg N'Zoththat’s fun to play. It’s also a solid deck to use on ladder and I’ve players playing it at legend ranks with some decent success.

Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound is the often overlooked Old God but in a deck heavy with large minions it’s going to provide value. This is a typical Druid build with lots of defensive minions and removal spells to take the game late and outvalue your opponent.