Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yogg

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This is the Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yogg that was first put together Tempo Mage with Acolyte and Yoggby Hotform as far as I know. I’ve been using it on ladder this month and so far have a 24 – 14 record, which is 71%. Not bad as I climb the top 5 ranks to legend.

The problem is that it’s bad matchups are Warrior and Warlock. Two of the most popular decks on ladder. So, while it’s not the best META choice right now, it’s a fun deck and competitive vs all other classes.

There is always that win condition is Yogg Saron to fall back on. I have a slightly positive win ratio vs Warrior due to Yogg. It’s a spell-heavy deck so you will almost always cast Yogg with more than 10 spells having been used which seems to be the sweet spot.

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