Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter Deck

Hearthstone Hunter Class Art

Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter DeckThe Secret Hunter decks continue to be refined by streamers and pro players. This is the Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter Deck he was playing on ladder and having some decent success with.

Secret Hunter decks are fun, playing a load of secrets for 0 mana and seeing your opponent trying to play around when they think they are is fun. This was just before the release of Cat Trick, so expect to see lists with this new card in coming soon.

Mulligan Guide for Secret Hunter Decks

As tempting as it is, never keep secrets or the Cloaked Huntress in your opening hand. Curve out as strong as possible with Fiery Bat, Secret Keeper, Kindly Grandmother, and wait for Cloaked Huntress and the secrets to be drawn.

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