Thijs C’Thun Priest Deck Season 31

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Thijs C'thun Priest Deck Season 31This is the Thijs C’Thun Priest Deck Season 31 list. C’Thun Priest has always been a decent deck, it’s not tier-1 of course, but this doesn’t mean it’s a bad deck. Thijs was climbing the ladder with it and had some decent success. It’s actually fairly good in the current META with the nerf hammer just dropping on some aggro mechanics.

It’s a control deck with some late game finishers. So if you can survive the early game from aggro decks and stabilize you’re likely to win the value game. There is loads of healing in the deck, it struggles with direct damage like most Priest decks but that’s where C’Thun comes in.

Use C’Thun wisely, set up a follow-on with the Golden Monkey if you can’t finish your opponent with C’Thun damage.


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