Thijs EU Summer Prelims Concede Shaman Deck

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The EU Summer Prelims are being played out this weekend – 13 – 14th Thijs EU Summer Prelims Concede Shaman DeckAugust. The prelims are always fun to watch, and you can see the best players across Europe battle it out with their best decks.

Thijs has already qualified for the World Championships at Blizzcon. I think this is the reason why his decks are a little more unique than most, which will make a much more interested set of games.

This is Thijs EU Summer Prelims Concede Shaman Deck list. It’s similar to a list he has played a lot on ladder, so he knows it’s a strong deck. It’s frustrating for opponents to play against, as hence the name, often conceding is the only option. It’s really grindy, and similar to the Crusher Shaman list J4CKIECHAN plays a lot on ladder.

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