Thijs High Legend Karazhan Dragon Priest Deck

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This is the Thijs High Legend Karazhan Dragon Priest Deck he was playingThijs High Legend Karazhan Dragon Priest Deck on stream today. Refreshing to see a Priest deck being played in the top 10 legend ranks, and with the addition of new cards like Book Wyrm and Netherspite Historian, I think Dragon Priest finally has all the tools to be a top-tier deck.

The main area this deck falls short in on direct damage. You can get your opponents painfully low on health and struggle to finish them without minions on board. Play for board control first, then removal second.

Book Wyrm is proving to be insane value. There are almost always targets with 3 or less attack to remove. There aren’t many spells for Dragonkin Sorcerer, I think I’ll swap that for something else.

3 thoughts on “Thijs High Legend Karazhan Dragon Priest Deck”

  1. I put in sylvanas, yesera, and prince Mal… a little slower but seems to kill in endgame. You control the board first always with this sub, then the extra legendaries allow you to go in for the kill late game. Tends to pull dragons frequently for Prince Malchezaar

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