Thijs Karazhan Tempo Mage

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There are lots of Tempo Mage decks now that include the new card Thijs Karazhan Tempo MageFirelands Portal. This is the Thijs Karazhan Tempo Mage he was playing on stream today, and seeing him go past rank 100 legend with it, it’s obvious it is a really strong META deck right now.

Firelands Portal isn’t a crazy broken card, but it is strong. Thijs made room for the two Fireland Portals by taking out what would usually be Ragnaros, and Flamestrike.

This is a heavy burn Tempo Mage deck. So don’t be afraid to throw burn at your opponents face and hope to draw into more. Fighting for the board isn’t always the right thing to do, it’s something you need to evaluate in the game you’re playing.

It’s still not a really solid Tier 1 deck. So you will be relying on Yogg-Saron to do what Yogg-Saron does and save you in some games. But that’s part of the fun of this deck.

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