Thijs Rank 1 Legend Medivh Mage Deck

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Thijs Rank 1 Legend Medivh Mage DeckWe have a new rank 1 legend deck for the September season 30 ladder. This is the Thijs Rank 1 Legend Medivh Mage Deck he hit rank 1 with on the 4th September.

We’ve already seen Xixo hit rank 1 legend with his Aggro Shaman and Warlock Discardlock decks. It’s awesome seeing a third different class hitting the top spot, shows there is some real diversity on the ladder.

I’m sure various other decks and classes have hit the top spot, there are some ridiculously strong decks like the Dragon Warrior and Malygos Druid builds.

Mulligan Guide for Medivh Mage Decks

You want to start off as you would with any Tempo Mage build. Mulligan hard for 1 drops to get a fast start. Babbling Book is fine, then curve into Cult Sorcerer and cheap removal spells.

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