Thjis Moonglade Portal Yogg Token Druid Deck Sep 16

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thjis moonglade portal yogg token druid deck sep 16I’ve been looking for a way to fit 2 x Moonglade Portals into my Yogg Druid deck, and this Thjis Moonglade Portal Yogg Token Druid Deck Sep 16 does exactly that, and it’s better than the list I made.

Depending on what cards you run, the Moonglade Portals are in the deck in place of 1 x Nourish, and 1 x Mire Keeper.

There are some pretty decent 6 drops, Emperor Thaurissan, Sylvannas, Cairne, all excellent results. If you get a Corrupted Seer however you’re not so happy. But that’s RNG for you, and you’re still getting 6 points of heal anyway.

Using this to heal big taunts is awesome vs aggro decks. I find myself healing minions more often than my hero to keep the board. Druid is in a good place right now, this deck is really strong and good for laddering up.

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