Trump Control Mage Deck w Arcane Giants

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Trump Control Mage Deck w Arcane GiantsThis is the Trump Control Mage Deck w Arcane Giants he put together and was playing on stream. Control mage is an archetype that’s never quite hit the mark before. Reno Mage comes close, and can play out like control, but we haven’t had a really good Control Mage since the old Grinder Mage days.

Trump has put some strog minions, some game-stalling tech’s like Frost Nova, a Cabalist’s Tome for extra draw, and of course the new card Arcane Giant’s – which you will no doubt get to play for free.

General Mulligan Strategy for Control Mage

You’re going to play a slow game so it’s ok to keep Arcane Intellect in your opening hand. Try and pick up some cheap early removal to control the board like Arcane Blast and Frostbolt. Don’t be afraid to cycle the Forgotten Torch early even if it’s overkill on a minion, the spell reduces your Arcane Giant and you get closer to the 3 mana, 6 damage Flaming Torch.

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