Trump Karazhan Anyfin Paladin Deck

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Trump Karazhan Anyfin Paladin DeckThis is the latest Trump Karazhan Anyfin Paladin Deck he been playing on stream. A simple build with straight 2-of’s, Tirion, and Ragnaros, Lightlord.

Ivory Knight has brought a lot to the deck. Not only do you have two more cards that heal you up, you can pull another Anyfin Can Happen from the discover mechanic.

This is one of the tier one decks in my opinion. It has very few bad match-ups, it really is just drawing bad that causes the problems for this deck. You need your board clears when things get out of hand, and healing to stall out until you can cycle those Murlocs and drop the Anyfin Can Happen bombs.

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