Trump Moroes Secret Paladin Deck

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Trump Moroes Secret Paladin DeckThis is the Trump Moroes Secret Paladin Deck he was playing on stream. Brings back some memories of the old Secret Paladin decks, which you can still find in Wild if you miss them.

The deck uses 2 x Noble Sacrifice, 1 x Redemption, and 1 x Repentance. Winning depends a lot on the interactions of these secrets, here are some things to consider.

Noble Sacrifice – The 2/1 minion gets a divine shield buff if a Steward of Darkshire is on board.

Redemption – Pick your timing carefully for this. You don’t want to redemp a noble sacrifice.

Repentance – Don’t play this too early to try and gain some tempo or if you don’t have another play. Landing this on a huge late game minion is much more impactful.

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