Trump Priest N’Zoth Deck May 2016

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How to Play This DeckTrump Priest N'Zoth Deck May 2016

This is the Trump Priest N’Zoth Deck May 2016. N’Zoth Priest decks are very strong control decks with a few different win conditions and the ability to outlast other control decks with its extended card draw capabilities.

Maximize the amount of good deathrattle cards you send to the graveyard while playing this deck. Mulligan for Museum Curator‘s early. They don’t trade well, but finding a good deathrattle minion that will come back again when you drop N’Zoth makes this card excellent value.

You have some powerful AOE combinations. Auchenai Soulpriest plus Circle of Healing is a 4 damage board clear on turn 4. One of the most powerful early game clearance mechanics. It does damage your own minions as well, so plan ahead if you’re going to use this combination.

It’s not a simple deck to play and does have a learning curve. Knowing when to use Flash Heal to heal your face or a minion, or waiting for a combination with Auchenai Soulpriest to damage the opponent takes some practice. As well as being aware of what is likely in your opponents deck. So knowing what to use your Cabal Shadow Priest and Entomb on also takes some smart decision making.

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