Trump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016

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How to Play This DeckTrump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016

This Trump Warlock Zoo Deck May 2016 is one of many different zoo decks going around at the moment. This is one of the best parts of all the new cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods update. There are still many variations of some of the most competitive decks and the META is sill changing daily.

The two Doomguard tech choice can work out to be very clunky in the hand. One of the best things about zoo is being almost guaranteed to have one drops in your opening hand, you don’t have to float mana very often, and you can of course tap away when you’re out of cards.

Most of the synergy revolves around the Darkshire Councilman. Try and get the drops off the Imp Gang Boss and Possessed Villager to buff his attack. As well as dropping a board of Forbidden Ritual tentacles. There is loads of burst potential, even without Leeroy Jenkins. You can look for more Power Overwhelming‘s from Dark Peddlers and set up burst of 16 + with a Doomguard and 3 PO’s.

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