Trump Yogg and Load w Arcane Giants Deck

Hearthstone Hunter Class Art

Trump Yogg and Load w Arcane Giants DeckArcane Giants are everywhere! This is the Trump Yogg and Load w Arcane Giants Deck. Another spell-heavy deck to make the most of the cost reduction.

The RNG is a bit heavy in this deck as you rely on recycling cheap spells into cards from the Lock and Load, but the value you get usually pays off.

With Yogg-Saron and Arcane Giants sitting behind the Call of the Wild you have more than enough damage in the deck to beat any class.

General Mulligan Strategy for Yogg and Load

Never keep Lock and Load in your opening hand, I know it’s tempting but it’s no good if you don’t enter a Lock and Load turn without much health and a few spells to cast.

Mulligan for King’s Elekk, Eaglehorn Bow if you’re on the coin, and traps to slow down aggro.

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