My Wild Format Aggro Shaman Deck December Season 33

Hearthstone rank 1 legend deck

Wild Format Aggo Shaman Legend Deck Dec 16This is my Wild Format Aggro Shaman Deck December Season 33. The Wild Format is less stable than Standard Format and I typically find it more challenging for this reason – and more fun.

It was a tough climb this season with all Pirate Warriors rushing face as fast as possible. I wanted to use a different deck while still climbing fast so I went with a Standard Aggro Shaman list and changed cards to adjust to the META.

The 2 x Thing from Below became essential to beat Pirate Warriors. I tried Azure Drakes, Aya, extra AOE damage, but without the taunts I was just getting rushed down too quickly.

If you don’t play much Wild you should give it a go. There’s loads more different deck types than standard, all kinds of random cards pop up, and it’s really fun.

Wild Legend Aggo Shaman Dec 16

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