Wild Tier List February 2017: Best Wild Format Decks

Wild Tier List February 2017 Best Wild Format Decks

Wild format doesn’t get enough love in my opinion. I play a lot of Wild, I find it more fun than Standard, there are more cards to choose from, more different decks (it’s not just a Shaman festival), and it’s a fun challenge.

It can be difficult to know what the best deck lists are with so much variation and so many cards to choose from. Here is a tier list based on the decks I’ve played to legend, the decks I have a high win % with, and the decks you’ll see in Wild.

OnePirate Warrior
Egg Token Druid
Aggro Shaman
TwoMurloc Paladin
Dragon Priest
Freeze Mage
Miracle Questing Rogue
ThreeN'Zoth Hunter
Secret Paladin
Jade Druid

See below for the decklists.

Wild Tier List February 2017

Tier One Wild Decks

Pirate Warrior

Best Wild Pirate Warrior Deck February 17 Season 35In wild you can use Ship’s Cannon. This card is bonkers with all the Pirates in the deck. Death’s Bite edges out Arcanite Reaper too.










Egg Token Druid

Best Wild Deck Egg Token Druid February 17 Season 35Flooding the board with tokens and using Soul of the Forest is so difficult for most Wild decks to deal with.









Aggro Shaman

Lifecoach and SuperJJ Aggro Shaman w Earth Shock

Unfortunately you are not safe from Shaman is Wild just like Standard. This is a list that works really well in Standard, it’s so strong it’s an easy climb to legend in Wild too.










Best Wild Deck Renolock February 17 Season 35You have an embarrassment of riches to use in Wild with Reno decks. It’s a reminder of how powerful cards like Sludge Belcher, Deathlord, Loatheb, and Antque Healbot are.

Tier Two Wild Decks

Murloc Paladin

Best Wild Deck Murloc Paladin February 17 Season 35This is close to being a Tier-one deck, it just struggles too hard against really aggressive decks unless you draw pretty close to perfect.

Once you’re ahead on board this is a win-more deck for sure though. Finja is insane.









Dragon Priest

Best Wild Deck Dragon Priest February 17 Season 35This is a similar list to the Standard build with the addition on one Velen’s Chosen. Fun deck to play with all the discover mechanics and Dragon synergy.









Freeze Mage

Best Wild Deck Freeze Mage February 17 Season 35Personally I don’t enjoy playing Freeze Mage but it’s always going to be a strong deck in Wild with all the aggressive lists on ladder.











Miracle Questing Rogue

A standard miracle list witBest Rogue Deck February 2017 Season 35h Questing Adventurers. Can be frustrating playing Rogue with the top-tier decks being so aggressive, but you’re always just a good conceal turn away from winning. 🙂

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