Wild Tournament 2019 Qualification Update (Failed)

Hearthstone Wild Tournament 2019 - My Journey to Qualify

So, a few days before the month end I had decayed to #100. I had to play some games to get between #50-75 to secure a top 100 finish.

And.. well.. basically what happened was Hearthstone. I think most people who play can sympathize with a 10 game losing streak.

That’s right. After having such a crazy high win rate to hit legend, I played again and lost 10 straight.

Looking back, I made a few mistakes. I didn’t play after I hit legend back on the 3rd of the month.

I should have tried to maintain top 50 so I was in-touch with the META, held a better MMR, and would have been able to recover from a losing streak.

Well, I had a load of fun playing wild and it was good to actually have a goal that mattered. Here’s to the next challenge.

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