Wild Tournament 2019 Qualification Update (I’m Rank #8)

Hearthstone Wild Tournament 2019 - My Journey to Qualify

Last month I posted an article about the upcoming Wild Tournament and how I was going to make an attempt to qualify.

Well, 10 days in and it’s looking good so far.

I started playing Even Shaman, playing a few games on the 1st and 2nd days of the month. It wasn’t going bad, but at rank 3 I started going 50/50 for a few games and decided to try a different deck.

I saw a Jade Druid list someone had used to climb to legend, nostalgia kicked in, I used to like playing Jade Druid back when it was in standard.

I hadn’t played it since then, but it’s a pretty strightforward midrange deck. The result was a 16-1 streak to legend, pretty nuts!

My only loss was to a Topsy Priest. Even after the recent Druid nerfs, the value of continually growing Jades along with the armour from Branching Paths, (broken) death knight Malfurion, and card draw, it’s a solid deck.

I entered legend at rank #8 on the 3rd of the month. I have since decayed to #14, and I think I will leave it until I decay to at least #75 before I consider playing depending on the date this happens.

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