Xixo Midrange Shaman Deck with Stormcrack Al’Akir

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This Xixo Midrange Shaman Deck with Stormcrack Al’Akir was the list he Xixo Midrange Shaman Deck with Stormcrack Al'Akirused in the Star Series Tournament. Al’Akir is a great tech choice in midrange Shaman lists and the burst along with a Rockbiter or Flametongue Totem is either going to clear some huge threats or finish your opponent.

Stormcrack is still finding its place in Shaman decks. I like it as a replacement for one Lightning Bolt. Think how many times you have tried to roll a spell damage totem to do that 4 damage, right? Lots of minions have 4 damage in the mid-game, it’s a perfect number to have as a removal spell.

This decks falls somewhere between the classic midrange builds and aggro. Give it a go and see how you do, it’s strong in the current META. Swap an Azure Drake for Harrison Jones if you are being matched up with a lot of Warriors, that’s what I usually do.

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