Xixo Tempo Mage Deck with Yogg and Archmage

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This is the Xixo Tempo Mage Deck with Yogg and Archmage. There are Xixo Tempo Mage Deck with Yogg and Archmagelots of Tempo Mage builds and I enjoy playing around with the different lists as Tempo Mage is always fun.

Archmage and Yogg in the same deck gives you plenty of win conditions. Look to control the board early with removal spells and drop Faceless Summoner for a good value drop. I like the inclusion of Polymorph, there are some really stubborn minions that need hard removal sometimes like an Earth Elemental or Ragnaros.

I will be playing some games with this list before month end and will update here if I have an impressive win ratio.

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