Yogg Saron Druid Deck 2016 OG

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How to Play This DeckYogg Saron Druid Deck 2016 OG

This Yogg Saron Druid Deck 2016 OG is packed with spells and synergy to take you into the late game where you can drop Yogg-Saron and let his old god do what it does best – crazy RNG!

Yogg-Saron is only one of several win-conditions with this deck. You can also buff an army of tokens from your Violet Teacher with Power of the Wild. Or, use Malygos’ spell damage to OTK your opponent.

When you play Yogg-Saron you sign a pact with the devil. Sometimes it works spectacularly well, other times it backfires in the worst possible way.

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