Zetalot Gadgetzan Zoo N’Zoth Priest Legend Deck

N'Zoth Hearthstone Art

Zetalot Gadgetzan Zoo N'Zoth Priest Legend DeckThis is an interesting Priest list and it’s the Zetalot Gadgetzan Zoo N’Zoth Priest list that he played into legend ranks.

It’s built much like a zoo list with lots of low-cost minions and cards to help value trade and win the board.

Good to see Herald Volazj in the list, this legendary hasn’t found a good place in a Priest deck before.

Effective, and fun list, and if you curve into Ragnaros then N’Zoth there aren’t many decks that take back the board and win with tempo.

2 thoughts on “Zetalot Gadgetzan Zoo N’Zoth Priest Legend Deck”

  1. i’m enjoying this version of the Priest Zoo, but i’m struggling to find a role for Mistress of Mixtures.
    Whilst i appreciate a 2/2 for 1 mana, in my experience the heal to my opponent always does more harm than good to my win chances. This is especially the case as aren’t running Auchenai Soul Priest.
    Any thoughts?

    1. I found that too sometimes, it’s in the deck for an early tempo push and trading on board before your opponent has even lost health ideally. Sucks vs Renolock, but everything seems to suck vs that deck. Sucks when you draw it late and you ahead too, but that’s the deal you make with the deathrattle.
      It’s not quite the Zombie Chow, I can’t see anything better but open to ideas.

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